Core Medical Interpreter Training Program™

Health Care Interpreter Renewal Requirements

Oregon Health Authority | OEI approved 64-Hour Core Medical Interpreter Training

CMIT is a flexible 60 to 100-hour training program developed by the National Institute for Coordinated Healthcare [NICHC] that surpasses the recommended national training standards and requirements for national certification for Medical/Healthcare Interpreters. Although the CMIT program is primarily intended for spoken languages, it provides American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters specialization training.

CMIT has been fully developed by and for interpreters. With more than 35 years of collective experience in the field of interpreting and interpreting training, the CMIT authors put emphasis on the development of the basic interpreting skills and learning of specialized medical terminology.

The CMIT textbook helps students learn a wide variety of skills, techniques, and strategies to handle basic and difficult scenarios in different healthcare settings.

The CMIT Workbook for Medical Interpreters provides a simple way of learning medical terminology, and exposes students to the daily nuances of the English and healthcare basic and technical languages that may present difficulties when interpreting in specialized settings.

Linguistics Global Associates provides the 64-hour Medical Interpreter Training approved by the Oregon Health Authority and Office of Equity and Inclusion.

Linguistics Global Associates provides locally and on location the NICHC-Core Medical Interpreter Training™. The 64-hour Medical Interpreter Training has been approved by the Oregon Health Authority | Office of Equity and Inclusion.

The training covers a variety of subjects including:

  • Code of Ethics
  • National Standards of Practice
  • CLAS Standards & Title VI
  • Interpreting Concepts & Modes
  • Medical Vocabulary
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • HIPAA Privacy Rules
  • Role of Culture in Interpreting.

All included with the training:

  • Core Medical Interpreter Program, “Communicating Without Barriers”
  • Workbook for Medical Interpreters
  • List of languages with medical dictionaries or medical glossaries included
  • Dictionaries available for the training (included)

English<<<>>> Spanish

Diccionario Médico | Español<<<>>>Inglés

  • Bilingual Medical Glossaries available for the training (included).
  1. English>>>Amharic Medical Glossary
  2. English>>>Arabic Medical Glossary
  3. English>>>Bengali Medical Glossary
  4. English>>>Bosnian Medical Glossary
  5. English>>>Burmese/Karen Medical Glossary
  6. English>>>Chinese Medical Glossary
  7. English>>>Farsi Medical Glossary
  8. English>>French Medical Glossary
  9. English>>>Haitian/Creole Medical Glossary
  10. English>>>Hindi Medical Glossary
  11. English>>>Japanese Medical Glossary
  12. English>>>Khmer (Cambodian) Medical Glossary
  13. English>>>Korean Medical Glossary
  14. English>>>Lao Medical Glossary
  15. English>>>Marshallese Medical Glossary
  16. English>>>Nepali Medical Glossary
  17. English>>>Polish Medical Glossary
  18. English>>>Portuguese Medical Glossary
  19. English>>>Russian Medical Glossary
  20. English>>>Somali Medical Glossary
  21. English>>>Tagalog Medical Glossary
  22. English>>>Tigrignya Medical Glossary
  23. English>>>Urdu Medical Glossary
  24. English>>>Vietnamese Medical Glossary

Your instructor: Pedro Johnson

  • Certified Healthcare Spanish Interpreter™, CHT™ | National Certification
  • Certified Medical Interpreter | Washington DSHS
  • Certified Social Services Interpreter | Washington DSHS
  • Previously trained | “Bridging The Gap”, CCHCP interpreter Program | 2014-2016
  • Currently, NICHC-Core Medical Interpreter Trainer
  • Active Medical Interpreter

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Onsite | Online Training–Klamath Falls, Or-August 2022

Training begins August 8, 2022 | 9:30 am - 4:30 pm | $00 | In Person - Hybrid-Online Training | Zoom Video or Microsoft Team

Registration for this training has closed.

Online Training | Sept_25th to Nov_13th 2022

Training begins September 25, 2022 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm | $840 | Online Training

Registration for this training has closed.

Portland, Oregon – 2022

Training begins June 2, 2022 | 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm | $830 | TBD

Registration for this training has closed.